Vision and Values


Permaculture FEAST is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge and skills they need to create a socially just and ecologically regenerative world where we can meet human needs of food, energy, shelter, purpose and companionship while enhancing the health of our environment.

Vision and Values:

These fantastic and wonderful new organizing principles for the course, Permaculture For Ecological And Social Transformation (FEAST), were created during our 2015 retreat at The Watershed Center:

Cultivate Learning:

  • Design educational experiences where people gain hands-on skills and connect to their individual and collective power.
  • Educate people about privilege and oppression as an integral part of permaculture (decolonize permaculture).
  • Center indigenous people and knowledge into the origin story of permaculture.
  • Make visible the ways in which frontline communities are enacting and embodying permaculture principles.
  • Embody permaculture principles in the way we design our course and teach, and in the way we practice permaculture in our communities.
  • Show the connection between social and ecological healing and transformation (i.e. in order to transform the world we must transform ourselves and our relationship to the land and other resources on which we depend)


Support Leadership:

  • Prioritize our own growth and learning.
  • Integrate with other parts of our life including home, work, and family.
  • Honor our time, energy, and value while making what we have to offer accessible for others. This work is regenerative for us.
  • Mentor emerging permaculture leaders from frontline communities.


Build Community:

  • Celebrate together through song, ritual, and food.
  • Set the cornerstone of trust through integrity, kindness, generosity, sharing stories, and soliciting and honoring people’s feedback.
  • Support frontline communities, movements and movement moments.
  • Weave together a vibrant network of alumni, guest teachers, collaborators, and movements. Invite our network to support us.
  • Share our creation story, who we are, how we got here, and what we’ve done.