Design project examples and testimonials:

“The F.E.A.S.T. Permaculture Design Course was an incredible experience. We see with new eyes now that we have ‘permaculture goggles’ on. The course shared new skills and the opportunity to work on a permaculture design for clients with us, all backed by a comprehensive understanding of permaculture developed through lectures, discussion, hands-on workshops, writing, and play.

After the course, we were able to immediately apply the skills and knowledge we learned to our lives. At our home, we designed planted a backyard garden, experimenting with polycultures and guild techniques with over 30 different perennial and annual varieties, built and indoor aquaponics system, and started a website to capture and share our experiences with others. The class also inspired us to think about applying permaculture to our personal relationships and our community. We now work on permaculture designs for friends and family and have connected to various permaculture practitioners and projects in our area.

We would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about permaculture and finding the tools and inspiration to apply it.”

Jessica Muise and Michael Brown
Our Permaculture Trip

“The PDC course was an awesome opportunity to get practical about living sustainably as a part of community and as a part of the natural world. The information, the examples, the speakers, the practice and the instructors/participants as well all created a rich and inspiring experience that made these projects imaginable. I left with confidence, ideas, skills, motivation and a sense of becoming a part of a network of folks choosing to live and create beautiful alternatives to over-consumption.”

–Katherine Mallory

“The Northampton PDC was an incredibly useful introduction to permaculture and the design process. Lisa, Abrah, and Jonathan were attentive, knowledgeable instructors who were capable of answering every question I had, and directing me to additional resources to deepen my learning. I looked forward to each class day from the moment the previous day ended, and greatly enjoyed the variety of field trips and activities that allowed for hands-on learning that really reinforced the concepts we discussed. The guest teachers added their expertise on a variety of different topics, and bringing in many different people allowed for lots of opportunities to network in the permaculture community, both locally and further afield. It’s important to note that the Northampton PDC is accessible and affordable to people in different economic places.”

–Hannah Fjeld

“I felt like the Northampton PDC was a great general introduction to the many facets and applications of Permaculture. I thought Lisa had a wide breadth of knowledge and set a really relaxed, peaceful tone. I appreciate Jonathan’s forest garden/plant knowledge and sense of humor. Abrah, had a gift for focusing attention to the present moment and bringing a sense of empowerment to the group. I particularly appreciated their mentoring ability and intuitive design sense and gained a lot from instruction.”

–Jane Metzger

“I looked at the Northampton Permaculture Course as a fantastic introduction to the new world paradigm, I felt a sincere need to stop worrying about the future and start acting on creating a future that I could be proud of. The teachers were kind, knowledgeable and quite fun, field trips (even outside mid winter) were full of people brimming with interesting points of view and more info than I could digest in one sitting.  The best part of the class was the variety of wonderful people dialoguing on all the facets of our culture and humanity and trying to lay the stones for the foundations of a new whole system mentality”   -Bryan Long