Holyoke Paradise Lot forest garden field trip, Holyoke, MA

This weekend permaculture design course moves from principles and patterns to details in a supportive, respectful and collaborative atmosphere to promote rapid learning of whole systems design. The course will center around experiential learning and hands-on skill building, including local field trips where we will see theory in action.

The course will conclude with a design practicum,where participants will work in small groups to develop a design for the course client.


What you get:

Payment plans can be arranged. Course tuition includes full course materials and certification, coffee, tea, handouts, gigabytes of course reference materials (digital format), access to an extensive physical permaculture library, field trips, guest instructors. One Sunday lunch each weekend included.

student designs

Topics  include:

  • Permaculture principles & ethics
  • Reading the Landscape & Understanding Natural Cycles
  • Urban Homesteading
  • Forest Gardening
  • Water Harvesting
  • Soil Regeneration
  • Creative Waste Cycling
  • Micro-livestock
  • Energy & Building Systems
  • Social Justice
  • Food Systems Planning
  • Cooperative Economics
  • Design for Climate Change
  • Community Building
  • Aquaculture
  • Soil Regeneration & Land Restoration
  • Design Projects, Methods, & Tolls

Sample Day

9-9:30– Meditation, Daily Preview, Announcements

9:30-10:45Water in the Landscape- water cycle and functions, techniques for water conservation & harvesting


11-12:30Sandbox demo-Keyline design, contour, swales, pond building

12:30-1:30– Lunch Break

1:30-3Hands on- how to find contour lines in a landscape, building an A-frame, using a water level to dig and plant an edible swale

3-3:15 Break

3:15- 4:45Aquaculture systems– passive and recirculating, chinampas, bioshelters

4:45-5– Wrap up, closing