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Drawing on the wisdom of ecological systems and indigenous knowledge, permaculture

offers us a vision, design approach, and tools to create a world of health and

abundance. The permaculture principles flashcards distill this knowledge into simple

principles that can be applied anywhere from your backyard to your organization. This

card game teaches you 10 principles complete with definitions and easy to use

ecological and social examples. It has been developed over the last ten years and

played by hundreds of people everywhere from design/ build workshops to college

classrooms and after school gardening programs.

Materials: Permaculture Principles Flashcards

Number of People: Up to 10 people for each stack of cards

Time: 45 minutes to an hour

Learning Objectives:

• Learn Permaculture principles

• See connections between ecological and social systems

• Identify simple techniques that will make your organization and ecosystem more


Contents: 40 cards with carrying bag and permaculture principles

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